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Bollywood Dance with Maanasa

23. September 2023 14:30 bis 15:30


Join us for an exhilarating journey into the vibrant world of Bollywood dance with Maanasa. In this engaging workshop, Maanasa will guide you through the enchanting art of Bollywood dance.

Workshop includes:

– Warm-up: Begin the session by gently preparing your body for the captivating dance experience that awaits you.
– Step-by-step instruction: Maanasa will break down the dance steps without music, allowing you to become acquainted with the unique movements and rhythm of Bollywood dance.
– Combo: As you grow comfortable with the steps, Maanasa will seamlessly blend them with a trending and popular Bollywood song, turning the individual steps into a mesmerizing combination.
– Cool Down: Wind down after an energetic dance session with a soothing cool-down routine.
– Interactive Q&A: Engage with Maanasa in a quick question-and-answer session after the workshop, where you can clarify doubts and seek dance-related insights.

Who can attend: Women with a prior experience of Bollywood dancing even if it is at an event or after the beginner´s workshop with Maanasa.

What to bring: training clothes, something to drink

Bollywood Dance: Bollywood dance is a dynamic fusion of various Indian dance styles, brought together in a captivating medley. From sensuous, slow movements to fast-paced, groovy sequences, each dance is a reflection of the song’s tempo and emotion. Often performed to the melodious tunes of Hindi language songs from Indian cinema, Bollywood dance offers an exciting way to stay active, learn party-ready moves, and relish the joy of community dancing.Immerse yourself in the rich tapestry of Indian culture through the rhythmic beats, soul-stirring melodies, and expressive dance moves of Bollywood. Discover the sheer delight of dancing while connecting with the heart and soul of India.

Maanasa spricht Deutsch, der Unterricht wird aber überwiegend in Englisch stattfinden.

Diese Klasse findet hybrid statt, d.h., du entscheidest ggf. spontan, ob du in der Tanzschule oder online von zu Hause aus teilnehmen möchtest.


23. September 2023
14:30 bis 15:30


OT pur – Tanzschule
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OT pur – Tanzschule
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Frankfurt, 60487
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